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“Parissa is a great singing teacher and leader. I thought I was a confirmed shower singer. I had never done any formal singing before. Parissa creates a welcoming, relaxed and fun atmosphere where it’s OK to be a complete beginner. Singing has now become a lovely part of my life” Geoff Bloom, Mullumbimby



The Lighthouse Voices Community Choir are enjoying an extended break. 



We sing popular song and world music gems, play rhythmic & harmonic games, take sonic baths, and singing tips…so if you're interested come along!!



“You don’t need to read music,  You don’t need experience or a beautiful voice to join. Just a desire to sing!!  I give lots of singing tips along with vocal warm ups. Casuals welcome.”


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Phone: 0421 330 766


“ I’ll be starting with easier pieces and seeing where the group is at. I’ll also be using warm ups that improve the voice and train the ear to hear harmony and rhythm better. It takes a while for a choir to build its sound...“I’d love lots of men to come along, but it is often hard to get them to join choirs... it’s definitely not too wussy!!”


“I’ve been influenced by: Zap Mama, Sweet Honey in the Rock, Arramaeida, Akasa, Lambert, Hendricks and Ross, Golden Gate Quartet, Miriam Makeba, Bobby McFerrin...”




“I joined Parissa's choir (Ruby Tuesdays) at the beginning of last term, as a couple of my girlfriends were going and really enjoying it. I never thought I could sing, but have always had a great passion for music, so I thought "what the hell". We have just finished the term and were given the opportunity to sing with two other choirs ... This experience of performing with a choir was awesome, it has given me improved confidence in myself and my abilities. We have a lot of laughs doing the warm up exercises and you don't have to be a singer to join. Parissa is an amazing choir mistress(?), who makes you feel that you can do it and do it well. It's great fun and a chance to meet like-minded people. I'm about to sign up again  Signed a very happy Ruby Tuesday.”      Cheers Jo Malcolm


“I came along to the choir a couple of times…It was wonderful with AMAZING songs...Thank you for the experience, your an exceptional musician!!!      Kind regards, Melissa Eccleston 


“thanks for being so fabulously fun :)”   Juliet Allen


“Thank you Parissa, …I enjoyed tonight; arrived rushed and weary and left warm and glowing”      Helen 



Parissa’s Choir Experience


Parissa specialises in big event choirs.  In 2012 she composed and conducted the 300  voice, Fairbridge Festival Finale Choir, WA, to celebrate the festival’s 20th anniversary.


In 2009, Parissa led the National Folk Festival Choir, singing songs from Latin America.


In 2000 she conducted the 700 voice Woodford Folk Festival Millenium Fire Event Choir, and composed the anthemic 'Put Your Hand in Mine', which was beamed via satellite around the world to 1.6 billion people.


“This one performance was the highlight of my musical life...700 voices singing my song, with me conducting and Neil Cameron’s fireworks going off behind me, the ABC cameras recording. When I walked around the festival afterwards people would break into the song and I would burst into tears. “


In Melbourne, Parissa is hired annually, as a consultant by 3 community choirs, including ‘Thursday’s Children’.


At the impressionable age of 8, Parissa proudly sang at the Sydney Opera House in 3 vocal groups: the over 8, under 8 and a special Octet, as part of the Combined Schools Choir Concert.


Parissa was an early member of ‘The Voices from the Vacant Lot’ and the Sydney ‘Solidarity Choir’. In 1990 she sang for Nelson Mandela as part of ANC combined choir.



Woodford Millenium Fire Event Choir 2000 -


The Full Force of the Wind

Parissa Bouas: The Full Force of the Wind


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